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Meat Cooking Tips


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Meat Cooking Tips

Forget what you know about the meat rest. The meat should be rested in order to be more delicious and its aroma to increase. The business performed by vacuuming at home resting. At home, vacuuming can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days.

What should be done before the meat business vacuumed?

Some operations are done to prevent the meat from spoiling before vacuuming.

Sea salt joins in. (You can choose the salt you use daily, but sea salt is better.)
Extra virgin olive oil pour in the meat business. There is a special reason for the use of extra virgin olive oil the vacuuming. When you put extra virgin olive oil in the cupboard, and completely cuts off the contact with the air it freezes. The Flash continues to be contacted with air.
We can understand from the weight of the meat. Always listened soft meat.

Just enough to relax it to increase the flavor of the meat?

To increase the flavor of meat is not enough to just relax. If you want the meat to be flavored with more sauce, a few operations must be done after resting the meat. We call this marinating or finishing process.

We know there are some wrong information about marinating;

Marinated with cola soda and the acid in the meat business Note. Because these are not acid, but gas. Pour the meat into the finished drinks are acidic, it does not have the feature because of the softening of the gas.

We can use the yogurt, onion juice and marinating the meat in milk. Since it is an acid, it also adds to the flavor of the rotting meat by the nerves inside the meat.

Since the veil and lamb are marinated, the trainer should not be used in the same natural mouth.

While the real business with marinated, black pepper, salt and oil business, with marinated lamb, milk, salt and oil.

How to cook marinated meat?

Grill marinated meat to cook, you need fire. In this regard, to come to cast iron pans at your disposal, they should be high in overheated temperature. The reason we don't prefer the pains that they reach very high temperatures and protect this casting work and heat.

The finished meat business is slowly cooled, it releases its water, and its water and roses loves meat its flavor. For this reason, meat fast and high heat cooking will add flavor to the meat.

We're finished cooking the meat and then cook the other, we have to face, face to face. Beach side should be removed from the stove after four minutes of cooking. After standing at room temperature for 3 to 4 minutes thoroughly mixed in the meat business.

How do we know that cooked meat business?

The ratio of cooked meat, according to your taste, work from the fire when you pick it up.

  • If you love undercooked meat cook short-term business and soft when you touch your song if with less meat are soft.
  • Cook until you see the water of the meat.
  • Cook the meat business the meat business of the business until the water is collected, turn it and cook the other side until you see the water. If you reduce the heat and cook until the meat business is tight, if you ready your cooked meat business.
  • The meat salads are the best. The recipe will add color to your kitchen tables prepared for rafinera yogurt diet the refrigerator.